ASTM D 3951 Standard Practice for Commercial Packaging

This standard specifies the minimum requirements for the packaging of supplies and equipment, with the exclusion of  ammunition, exposives, or hazardous materials.

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ASTM D 3951



This standard is applied to military shipments that are for immediate use, that are not mission critical, designed for depot consumption, that are being shipped small parcel within the contiguous United States that are not for stock.

WHAT IS ASTM D 3951-18?

ASTM D3951-18 is the standard for commercial packaging. It specifies the requirements for commercial preservation, packaging, packing, unitization and marking for supplies and equipment. This also details that multiple parties must be able to handle and ship through various modes of transportation, and requires storage periods for a minimum of one year in enclosed facilities without degradation or damage to the product within the container. It also provides for packaging quantities to be suitable for redistribution without any additional repackaging or markings.



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