Method 50 Labels

Do You Need Method 50 Labels- Do Not Open Labels?

These labels are used to mark packs of items preserved with desiccants and warn that a package should not be opened until ready for use or inspection.

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Method 50 Labels

The SCL229 Method 50 shipping label is in red and white ink.


The Method 50 Labels- Do Not Open Labels ensure the proper handling of your delicate, fragile, or other special attention requiring packages and shipments. Eliminate tedious handwritten instructions by utilizing a quality and convenient -Do Not Open Label.


Method 50 Labels are designed and used to alert personnel of special handling instructions for packs of items. The labels are used to properly mark that packs of items are preserved with desiccants while also warning that a package should not be opened until it is ready for use or inspection.


These red labels are designed to catch the eye of personnel that comes within a range of shipments and alert them to the special handling instructions of the items.



Method 50 labels alert carriers and shipping and receiving personnel of the special handling of items that are in the containers. These labels are available in paper or PVC-free vinyl, which are more rugged and durable than the paper labels.

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