This specification covers heat-sealable, watervaporproof bags of complex construction for use in military preservation applications.

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This specification covers heat-sealable, watervaporproof bags of complex
construction for use in military preservation applications.

First article. When specified (see 6.2), a sample shall be subjected to first article
inspection in accordance with 4.2.

Material. Bags shall be fabricated from barrier material conforming to MIL-PRF-131,
class 1.

Features. Watervaporproof bags shall have one or more of the following features
(see 6.4):

a. One or more double-seam heat seals; i.e., a horizontal seam joining a vertical seam at
any point other than at the open end or bottom of the bag.
b. One or more transparent inspection windows.
c. Gasketed holes for hold-down.

Construction. Bags shall be fabricated as specified in the contract or purchase order. Only barrier material of a single manufacturer’s designation shall be used in fabricating one bag. The number of widths of barrier material shall be a minimum. Bags fabricated from more than one width of barrier material shall have all seams, except side seams, parallel to the open end of the bag. Seams parallel to the open end, but on opposite sides of the bag, shall not join a common vertical seam within 2½ inches of each other.

Dimensions and tolerances. The length and width of bags shall be as specified in the contract or purchase order. The width shall be measured from the inside edges of the side seams. The length shall be measured from the inside edge of the bottom seam to the open edge of the bag. Tolerances for the length and width of the bag shall be ± ¼ inch.

Seams. Seams shall be heat-sealed, uniform, and continuous. The width of all seams shall be not less than ½ inch. Seams shall not exhibit delamination or separation of the barrier material plies after heat-sealing. Each unit package of bags shall include a sheet legibly marked with recommended heat-sealing conditions for continuous band and rotary, and jaw-type sealing equipment.

Identification. Bags shall have identification markings made with water-resistant ink on each outer side of the bag. The color and position of the printing is optional. Lettering shall be upper case only and shall be not less than ¼ inch high. The following information shall be included:
a. This specification number and revision letter.
b. Bag manufacturer’s name and bag designation.
c. Month and year of bag fabrication.
d. Bag part number (if applicable).
e. Any special instructions required to ensure proper application of the bag.

Inspection windows. Unless otherwise specified, inspection windows shall conform to
the requirements of 3.8.1 through 3.8.3.
Window material. Inspection windows shall be constructed of material conforming to
MIL-PRF-22191, type I.
Window dimensions. Unless otherwise specified, for bags having both outside length and width dimensions greater than 36 inches, the window shall be 4 inches by 8 inches and the window material shall be 6 inches by 10 inches. For smaller bags, the window shall be 2 inches
by 4 inches using window material 4 inches by 6 inches.
Mounting of window. The window material shall be centered under the window
aperture in the barrier material and completely heat-sealed in place. The heat-seal shall form a
continuous bond that meets the requirements of 4.4.3.

Gasket material. Gaskets shall have a nominal thickness of 0.062 ± 0.010 inch and shall be made of any resilient material that forms a seal and meets the requirements of 4.4.4. The shape and size of the gaskets shall be as specified in the contract or purchase order.
Gasket adhesive. A water-resistant adhesive shall be used for mounting the gaskets to the barrier material.
Gasket mounting. Gaskets shall be attached to the inside and outside of the envelope,
shall coincide with their paired members, and shall not be positioned within 1 inch of the inside line of any seam. The gaskets shall be mounted at points indicated on the packaging instructions. No holes shall be punched in the barrier material for the hold down bolts unless specified in the contract or packaging instructions.
Workmanship. Bags shall be free from any foreign matter, holes, tears, cuts, sharp
creases, wrinkles, or other imperfections.
Performance requirements. The bags shall meet the requirements specified in table I when tested in accordance with 4.4.

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