This specification covers procedures for the use of volatile corrosion inhibitors in the packaging of equipment.

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 Requirements: When specifies, a sample shall be subject to first article inspection.
Materials: The volatile corrosion inhibitors (VCI) shall conform to Specification MIL-P-3420, MIL-B-22019, MIL-I-22110, or MIL-B-40028, and shall be selected for the intended applications from the approved types, classes, and styles covered in the respective specification.
Handling of Material: The VCI’s shall be stored in a cool dry area. The packaged VCI material shall not be opened until ready for use. During the use in operations, the material shall be kept protected from excessive heat, direct sunlight, moisture, strong drafts and excessive dust. In continuous preservation operations, the VCI-treated material shall be kept in a closed, self-sealing container. If the self-sealing container is not available, the VCI-treated material shall be placed in the original container at the end of each working day and the container shall be closed.
Lined Barrier Bags: Punctured or otherwise damaged bags shall be discarded.
Bore Tubes: VCI-treated tubes for insertion into boxes or cavities shall be kept in a closed container. The container shall be opened only for withdrawal of tubes or immediate use.

Environmental Effects:
1). VCI should not be applied to metal items whose surface temperature is greater than 150 degrees F, or where the stored items may be occasionally exposed to temperature of such magnitude.
2). At low temperatures, VCI may not be effective; however, little corrosion will normally occur at these temperatures (less than 40 degrees F) even without a preservative, so that VCI may be used where occasional exposure to such temperature levels is encountered.
3). In long term storage where warm areas, (i.e., tropical climates) packages should be well sealed to retard the loss of VCI through evaporation and migration from the package.

VCI package interiors should not be allowed to remain at a high humidity level (greater than 85-90 relative humidity) for prolonged periods of time.
VCI paper or chemicals should be used inside lightproof packages for long term storage applications.
Air Flow
VCI packages should be protected from winds and drafts. If exposure is excessive and continuous airflow around the package is unavoidable, the package should be well sealed.
Acids or Vapors
Hydrochloric acid type metal cleaners and any solvents containing sulfides should not be used for cleaning of items to be VCI protected. VCI protected items should not be exposed to industrial fumes containing hydrogen chloride, hydrogen sulfide, sulfur dioxide or other acidic vapors.

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