Military Specification Packaging

MIL-P-82646 A





The film furnished under this specification shall be a product which is qualified for listing on the Qualified Products List (QPL) at the time set for opening of bids. The film shall be made from such material and by such a process to assure compliance with the requirements of this specification. The film shall be furnished in the form of flat cut sheets or in rolls, as specified. Materials in roll form shall be either single thickness or lay flat tubing, as specified by the procuring activity.

The plastic film shall be compatible with each of the following materials:
a mixture consisting of 75 percent nitroglycerin solvent, 1 to 2 percent 2-nitrodiphenylamine, and 24 percent nominal triacetin. The plastic film shall be capable of meeting 75 percent of each mechanical propery value specified in 3.4.5 and shall reveal no adverse visual defects after treatment in accordance with 4.7.3 with any of the following solvents:
a. 75 percent nitroglycering solvent as in 3.4.1 (a)
b. Acetone
c. Diethyl ether
When specified in the contract, the water vapor permeability shall not exceed 9.3 grams per square metre per 24 hours for 0.0040 in. thick film material. The electrical resistency shall not exceed 30,000 ohms per square inch as determined in accordance with 4.7.5. The film tensile strenghth shall be at least 1,900 psi in the machine direction and 1,700 psi in the transverse direction. The film elongation shall be at least 200 percent in the machine direction and 180 percent in the transverse direction.


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