This is the latest revision of the MIL-PRF-121 specification. The material is the same for both specifications. MIL-PRF-121G is also a poly laminated kraft paper that is waterproof and greaseproof and comes in two thicknesses as well as bags and wraps.

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MIL-PRF-121G Performance Specification 

This specification establishes the requirements for heat-sealable, greaseproof, waterproof, flexible barrier material used for the preservation of military supplies and equipment. When specified, a sample shall be subjected to first article inspection in accordance with 4.2.

Barrier materials shall be made from such materials and by such processes as to ensure compliance with the performance requirements of this specification. The barrier materials shall be constructed of one or more plies in any manner that ensures compliance with the performance requirements of this specification. The barrier material shall be furnished in rolls. A roll shall not contain more than 2 splices (3 pieces). Splices within rolls shall be even, extend the entire width of the roll, and shall not come apart during unwinding of the roll. Splices shall be flagged at both ends of each splice with colored markers.

The material shall exhibit no delamination of the heat-sealed area when sealed according to the manufacturer’s recommended conditions. Each roll of barrier material shall include a tag secured to the roll core with the sealing instructions for heat-sealing on continuous and jaw-type sealing equipment. The tag shall be visible upon opening the unit package. Barrier material surfaces shall be free from any foreign matter. The barrier material edges shall be cut and trimmed of any selvage. Barrier material shall be free from holes, tears, cuts, sharp creases, wrinkles, or other imperfections.

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