MIL-STD-129 Labels

This standard outlines marking and labeling requirements for containers and shipments of military equipment and supplies.

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MIL-STD-129 Labels



MIL-STD-129 is the standard for maintaining uniformity while marking military equipment and supplies that are transported through ships. This standard has been approved to be used by the United States Department of Defense and all other government agencies. Items must be marked for easy identification before they are transported. The marking helps the military personnel to fill necessary requisition, when a particular stock goes short of the balance level.


Shipping containers carrying military items can be categorized into 3 types, Unit Containers, Intermediate Containers and Exterior Containers. All container types must have the basic format such as National Stock Number (NSN), item description and part number, as these are mandatory. Exterior containers require certain additional labels like Military Shipping Labels (MSL), serial number barcode and Direct-Vendor Delivery label (DVD).

Two-dimensional bar code symbols were introduced to identify UID-marked contents. Serial numbers are assigned in “SER NO” format, the description of items should be exactly as per the contract. There should be spaces or dashes in NSN. Barcode information is also required, and for shipments that include UII items, a single two-dimensional barcode is required. For shipments that do not include UII terms, the barcodes should be (MIL-STD-129)
* NSN/NATO stock number
* Contract or Order Number
* Cage of the Prime Contractor
* CLIN (when used)
* Contract Shipment Number
* Serial Number


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