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Military Spec Packaging (MIL-SPEC)

Our reputation as the leader in Military Spec Packaging has been earned over the past 40 years by saving our clients time and money. The relationships we’ve built and our unrivaled knowledge and understanding of the U.S. Department of Defense packaging specifications and regulations allows us to deliver the fastest turnaround times and a great experience for our clients.

Commercial Packaging

As a full-service packaging solutions provider, not all of our products are tailored toward military specifications. We offer a wide variety of custom commercial packaging services. With over 250 clients throughout North America, we work in partnership with each client on their unique packaging needs. Contact us to learn more or request a free consultation and estimate.

Packaging Consulting Services

We offer a wide range of consulting services. Many clients come to us with unique packaging and shipping needs, so we work with them to provide innovative, cost effective solutions. Whether you need help with acquiring or bidding on a government contract, the costs associated with the job, or would like us to teach you how to package and ship a product yourself, you can rely on our extensive knowledge and experience to help your business.

Our Specialties

For the past 40 years we have specialized in government and Military Specification Packaging (MIL-SPEC). We know the U.S. Department of Defense’s detailed military packaging specifications and regulations from the inside out. We provide various services for our MIL-SPEC clients. This includes properly affixing MSL’s, bar code labels, stencils and RFID tags for their shipment(s). We often assist them with full support on administrative requirements, including communicating with contract offers, facilitating inspections, and maintaining accurate data in the governments WAWF and VSM electronic systems.


UID Tags and Labels

We can print and affix proper MSL’s (Military Shipping Labels) and UID (Unique Identification Number) tags for our MIL-SPEC clients to ensure they meet military packaging specifications.


Making sure you are RFID compliant is critical to your success as a military contractor. We can affix Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tag(s) on your cases, pallets or crates and have decades of experience to ensure your packages are compliant with the military’s rules.

Bar Code Labels

The Department of Defense has significant labeling requirements for all shipments to the military. If you are unfamiliar with this process it can be a frustrating and rigorous exercise. You can rely on our dedicated team and our 40 years of MIL-SPEC experience to make sure your packages are properly labeled and in the correct format.

Why Choose Us


Free Quote Available

We provide a free confidential assessment of your businesses packaging and shipping needs. This will help us determine what products and service solutions you will need.

Competitive Pricing

Our unique knowledge, decades of experience and our established network of global relationships help our customers save considerable time, money and expense.

Best Support Team

MAC Packaging works in partnership with each of it’s clients. We pride ourselves on the impeccable service and attention we have given to each and every customer since 1976.

Mil-Specs Library

Contains documents for specific MIL-SPEC codes. Please contact us anytime if you have questions or would like to request copies of commonly required regulations.

Let Us Ship It For You

We have perfected packaging, shipping and freight logistics. We get your product where it needs to go and with less expense, hassle and quicker than you can do it yourself.


Check our blog for the latest developments at MAC Packaging. Here you can search for news and updates in MIL-SPEC and Commercial shipping and packaging.

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