ASTM D5486 Standard Practice for Pressure-Sensitive Tape for Packaging

This specification covers film, paper, and cloth pressure-sensitive tapes used for box closure and sealing.

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ASTM D5486



Covered in this specification are five types of tape: waterproof, weather-resistant, polyester-backed tape (Type I), water-resistant polyester-backed tape (Type II), water-resistant polypropylene-backed tape (Type III), water-resistant woven-cloth-backed tape (Type IV), and weather-resistant paper-backed tape.
The tape shall be manufactured with film, paper, or cloth backing, coated with a smooth and uniformly distributed layer of pressure-sensitive water-insoluble adhesive. The tape shall be in wound into rolls on cores of paper fiber or plastic and shall be free from defects, with the edges clean, straight, and unbroken. Tests for adhesion, break strength, tear resistance, thickness, water-penetration rate, water solubility, water-vapor transmission rate, and weathering shall be performed and shall conform to the requirements specified.

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