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Consulting Services

Put Our Expertise To Work For  You

With over 40 years of experience, we’ve packaged and shipped just about everything. We use this knowledge to provide solutions that work and save you money. Let’s talk and explore ideas to see where and how we can help.

– Andy Munter

Government Contracts

A large portion of our consulting work involves working with government contracts. Many times clients are unaware of all of the associated costs and expenses. We can help you analyze and evaluate what is needed to ensure a profitable contract.

MIL-SPEC Contracts

We have earned our enviable industry reputation in part because of our four decades of experience and knowledge of the U.S. Department of Defense’s detailed military packaging specifications and regulations.

MIL-SPEC Labeling

We are experts in the complex military packaging and labeling requirements. We make sure your package gets delivered to it’s desired location on-time at a lower cost than you can do yourself.

Adminstrative Requirements

We can communicate with contract officers, facilitate inspections and help maintain accurate data in the governments electronic systems to assure delivery acceptance and timely payment of your invoices.

Trust The Process

Utilize Our Network

The Bidding Process

We assist new and existing clients in the acquisition of government contract work. Knowledge of the process helps to avoid hidden costs and ensure you’re profitable.

Packaging & Shipping

Utilize our network of packaging and shipping relationships to lower your costs. We can provide the services for you or teach you how to do it yourself.

Delivery & Payment

Nothing guarantees quick payment of your invoices like getting your product safely to it’s destination on-time. Utilize our Vendor Shipment Module (VSM) electronic systems or our training support to do it yourself.
The Munter Minute

Create Your Own Opportunities

Many times over the past 40 years clients have called me for information on packaging or shipping a product to the government and how to accomplish this. Because it can be a complicated process, I explain what products or services I think they need and what the time frame and cost is for our service. This has turned into many long lasting business partnerships, where clients utilize our global shipping networks for their companies needs.

Initial solicitation review and quote

Complete contract review after award

Packaging, packing and labeling services

Electronic billing to the U.S. Gov’t.



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