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This details military packaging requirements as they differ from standard commercial packaging methods. These requirements cover the requirements for barrier materials that are  watervaporproof, greaseproof, flexible and heat-sealable to ensure your product is not damaged by environmental factors  or degradation during extended storage. MAC Packaging has perfected MIL-PRF-131 requirements over the past 40 years and can help you with any questions or packaging needs associated with your government contract.

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Packaging Requirements



MIL-PRF-131 covers the requirements for heat-sealable, greaseproof, flexible barrier materials having low water vapor transmission characteristics for use in military packaging.

The barrier materials covered by this specification are intended for use in specialized military methods of preservation. The combination of all performance characteristics of MIL-PRF-131 provide the necessary requirements for protection from exposure to the extremes of the military environment. Items are exposed to high moisture, high salt concentration, transfer at sea, rough handling, and minimal storage conditions. There are no commercial equivalents that meet these physical, mechanical, and corrosion requirements.

Our team of experts will help you identify what is required for all of your MIL-PRF-131 needs.

MIL-SPEC Contracts

We have earned our enviable industry reputation in part because of our four decades of experience and knowledge of the U.S. Department of Defense’s detailed military packaging specifications and regulations.

MIL-SPEC Labeling

We are experts in the complex military packaging and labeling requirements. We make sure your package gets delivered to it’s desired location on-time at a lower cost than you can do yourself.

Adminstrative Requirements

We can communicate with contract officers, facilitate inspections and help maintain accurate data in the governments electronic systems to assure delivery acceptance and timely payment of your invoices.

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