MIL-PRF-131K Barrier Materials Water Vaporproof

MIL-PRF-131K is water-vapor proof barrier material the government uses when it needs protection from moisture. MIL-PRF-131K comes in 3 classes all used for different levels of protection. All MIL PRF 131K can be made into any size bag and ship from our location.

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MIL-PRF-131K Classes

 MIL-PRF-131K is a set of specifications established by the U.S. Department of Defense that impacts the types of packaging materials used in military applications. This specification covers the requirements for heat-sealable, greaseproof, flexible barrier materials having low water vapor transmission characteristics for use in military packaging.

MIL-PRF-131K Class 1 (general use). Class 1 material with plastic non-woven backing is intended to be used in all packaging applications where heat-sealable, flexible, water vaporproof, greaseproof, barrier materials are required.

MIL-PRF-131K Class 2 (limited use). Class 2 material with kraft backing is used for packages where the combined weight inside the barrier does not exceed 10 pounds. Class 2 material should be limited to use in bags whose inside length plus width does not exceed 42 inches. Class 2 materials should not be used in floating bag applications, in packaging operations under low temperature conditions, below 32 °F where fabrication or manipulation of the material is required, or where a double seam junction is fabricated. To prevent cracking and pin holing, packages fabricated from this material should not be handled at temperatures below 32 °F.

MIL-PRF-131K Class 3 (specialized use). Class 3 is similar to Class 1 but is used for those
applications where a higher strength heat-sealable, flexible, water vaporproof, greaseproof barrier material is required.


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