Mark Ryan 3:16 PM (28 minutes ago) to me

Plenty of Options: Why “Wood” We Make This Choice?

When we want something delivered to our home, it’s easy. We shop, click, and in a matter of days (maybe hours now), there’s typically a cardboard package waiting at our front door. Shipping product(s) to the military is a bit more complex because of detailed specifications.

Over the years, we’ve perfected MIL-STD-2073, the military’s rigorous packaging requirements. This includes the shipping container itself and the materials used to preserve the product, especially if it’s being stored for long periods of time. Often, we’re asked, “Why use wooden crates instead of cardboard boxes or wooden pallets?”

That depends. There are various factors we have to consider before shipping a product. It may come down to the weight of the item; whether you’re looking to protect the shipment from damage or theft; or:

Type of facility it’s going to
Location of the facility
How long the product will be stored

Product Protection & Pest Control

In some cases (an overseas shipment), the military requires us to follow the International Standards for Phytosanitary Measure No. 15 — or ISPM 15. This means all wood thicker than 6 mm must be treated to avoid the spread of pests. The wood must be debarked and heat treated to 56 degrees Celsius (132.8 Fahrenheit) or fumigated with Methyl Bromide, an odorless, colorless gas used to control pests. The wood is then marked with a seal once it’s properly treated. The treated container can be reused unless it’s modified. If it’s repaired or recycled, the wood must be treated again.

Packaging Perfection: It Matters

More often than not, we ship products in heat treated wooden crates because it’s important your shipment is secure and protected. The last thing anyone wants is for the product to be unusable or worthless. At MAC Packaging, our 40 years of experience allows us to provide creative, cost-effective solutions for our clients. We can help you find the right packaging materials for your product. 

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