Commercial Product Packaging

When it comes to commercial shipping and packaging, my company, MAC Packaging, has developed many time-tested solutions to benefit our clients over the past 40 years. We have specialized in nationwide commercial packaging & shipping over that timeframe and are recognized as a national leader within the industry. Today I wanted to share some of the things that we do that ensure a good experience for all the customers that utilize our service. At MAC Packaging we are fortunate to have many long-term clients that we have developed a business relationship and partnership with over many years. Meeting their packaging and shipping needs is usually very easy as we have perfected what their needs and expectations are over the long timeframe and the different jobs that we have worked on together. When a new packaging or shipping solution is needed, we can draw on those many years of working together to find a quick resolution.

For new or prospective clients, they many times start out by utilizing our consulting services. This allows us to determine exactly what their commercial or industrial shipping requirements are. Once our services are engaged, we employ a single contact point by assigning a dedicated project manager to work with you throughout the shipping and packaging process. Because each client has unique demands, we want to find the right solutions that are tailored to your business needs. Once we agree on and find the right cost effective solutions that encompass all of your shipping and packaging requirements, clients are then able to utilize our shipping services and can rely on our trusted and proven nationwide network to get their shipment to its destinations safely and on-time. This includes packaging items for transport designed for any climate and by any transportation mode imaginable including truck, airline, air drop, jeep and backpack. Part of what has allowed us to continue as a leader in the industry for the past 40 years is our time-tested services. We can pack, crate and ship just about anything, and have over the past four decades. Our tailored solutions include our advanced packaging technologies that protect and preserve items for shipment throughout the world. We also have a dedicated in-house team who provide tooling design and machine prototype manufacturing to meet the requirements of any product.

We can design packaging and supply all the materials if necessary, to ensure that we find the right packaging solutions for your business. From design and automation, to equipment service, kitting and logistics, we provide flexible solutions tailored to your ever-changing business. No matter what your packaging, crating and shipping, we have customizable solutions and tailored packaging services for any job.
Our company has always focused on getting the best value for our clients by boosting efficiency, relying on our established packaging and shipping networks, and utilizing those many relationships we’ve built through these channels over the past 40 years to ensure profitability for our client’s contracts. We also rely on our in-house ingenuity of being able to overcome and solve any packaging or shipping issue. If you need something packaged and shipped anywhere in the world, call me, and I will find the right solution for you and your company.

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