Commercial Shipping and Packaging: The Art of Packaging

Every product is unique, and every business requires different packaging and shipping solutions to get goods out in the market. At MAC Packaging, we believe the packaging process should be equally creative as your product in order to achieve maximum results and profits. We are here to simply the experience while saving you time and money.

Our dedicated in-house team can identify a tailored design and provide a rapid turnaround to ship your product anywhere in the world. Over the past 40 years, we’ve packaged products for various climates and transportation: truck, airline, air drop, jeep — even backpack! We continually fine-tune or services and keep up with industry trends to better server your business.

Tailored Services

MAC Packaging offers a 4-step packaging and shipping process to satisfy your company’s commercial packaging needs. Our proven techniques boost efficiency, save money and sets your business up to profit.

1. Ideation
This can be the hardest challenge in the packaging process because it requires time, patience and research. We’ve worked with various goods and materials over the past 40 years and can help you quickly identify the best concept for your product.

2. Prototyping Testing
Our experienced team will throughly examine and test the prototype until the results produce a successful final product.

3. Production
Once the packaging is perfected, we’ll supply all the materials and take care of the manufacturing process and production.

4. Just-in-Time (J-I-T) Delivery
We can deliver when you need it, providing your business greater flexibility to increase productivity and lower production costs.

Versatile Options

MAC Packaging understands the importance of versatilely and convenience. Demands change. Some months are busier than others. We are always ready for you. We can take care of your commercial packaging and shipping needs at our locations or yours. With over three generations of experience, our team can help you with logistics, equipment, warehousing, consulting, and freight services.

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