Mark Ryan 3:16 PM (28 minutes ago) to me
Too often my first contact with new clients occurs when their shipment becomes frustrated freight and is stopped and stuck in limbo prior to reaching its intended destination due to non-compliance withDOD shipping requirements. Click To Tweet Because Mil-Spec requirements can be complex, a phone call to our office can save considerable time, money and unforeseen expense.

Reaching out to us is the first step in avoiding the pitfalls of frustrated freight. With over three generations and four decades of experience in Mil-Spec packaging, our experienced staff can help guide you through the entire process. In almost every instance we can get your package to where it needs to go safely and on time cheaper than you can do it yourself.

In addition to helping you through the packaging and shipping process, for many of our clients we can help from the very beginning, meaning the bidding process. For clients new to Government contracts, this can be extremely beneficial. We can tell you about the unexpected or hidden costs sometimes associated with DOD contracts, and make sure you include these costs in your bid to ensure you are going to have a profitable experience. Once you’ve been awarded the contract we can then utilize our network of packaging and shipping relationships to save you money. In some cases, we even consult with our clients to teach them the proper way to package and ship themselves. For most clients, after we package and ship your order we then make sure it is delivered on time, so you can receive prompt payment when you invoice the Government. And if you would like us to handle that part of the process for you we can do that as well. So, if you want to avoid being frustrated freight and all the pitfalls that go with it, contact us anytime to see how we can help you today.

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