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Before a company is awarded a government contract, some negotiating may be required from the bidding process to issuance. It’s important for businesses to understand all potential costs associated with a government contract. At MAC Packaging, our government contract specialists can review your solicitation for all components that would affect your pricing, which may include:

• Packaging
• Packing
• Labeling
• Shipping
• Inspection

In our experience, the government is usually more than happy to pay a little extra for military packaging to ensure products are protected, and can maintain a shelf life of 5 to 15 years.

Packaging and Labeling Services

Once we receive your purchase order, we can start the process of acquiring all necessary materials to complete packaging, packing and labeling services in a timely fashion. We specialize in MIL-SPEC packaging and advanced labeling services.

Military Shipping Labels

• Identifies the shipper, supplies being delivered and final destination

Barcode Labels

• Tracks items, cases and pallets through the military supply chain


• Smart labels read and logged through radio waves

Contact us for a free consultation. Our team’s knowledge and relationships can save you valuable time, money and expenses. When requested, we offer assistance in the bidding process to ensure clients know all the costs associated with the contract.

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