Testing the Elements: MIL-STD-3010

Tests are part of life whether you like them or not. They are especially important for military packaging because military equipment and supplies have to arrive to their destinations unscathed. Long after their delivery, some supplies may be stored long term and need to survive extended storage no matter the climate. If the packaging isn’t right, the supplies might not be viable at the time they are needed.

In order to establish uniform quality and reliability for military packaging, MIL-STD-3010 was approved by the Department of Defense to test materials used in military packaging applications. Originally, more than 200 test methods existed, but over the years, they were narrowed down to 15. The test methods check for a variety of factors like thickness, corrosiveness, water resistance, and whether the packaging could be easily punctured.

Military Packaging

The Department of Defense identifies three tiers of military packaging, depending on the protective materials used to pack the items being shipped.

Level A

• Maximum protection for long term storage and to survive the worst possible shipping, storage and handling scenarios anywhere in the world.

Level B

• Enough protection to survive shipping, storage and long term handling within the U.S.

Level C
• Minimum protection to survive a direct delivery within the U.S. and without long term storage.

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