Military Packaging (MIL-SPEC): What is it?

When you here the term military packaging, or mil-spec, you think about the U.S. Department of Defense and the packaging specifications or standards that are required for anyone that has a government contract. Our company, MAC Packaging, which is in the United States, has specialized in and offered industry leading solutions for our clients that have military spec needs since 1976. We know these detailed military packaging specifications and regulations from the inside out.

There are various services that we provide for our MIL-SPEC clients, so they meet defense specifications and government standards. These include properly affixing MSL’s, bar code labels, stencils and RFID tags for their shipments. We often assist them with full support on administrative requirements in addition to their military packaging requirements. These include communicating with contract offers, facilitating inspections, and maintaining accurate data in the governments WAWF and VSM electronic systems.

A more detailed explanation of what we do to make sure our clients mil spec packaging is up to defense standard can be broken down individually. We help with UID tags and labels and can print and affix proper MSL’s (Military Shipping Labels) and UID (Unique Identification Number) tags. We make sure they are RFID compliant, as that is critical to their success as a military contractor. We can affix these Radio Frequency Identification tags on their cases, pallets or crates to ensure compliance with military specifications.

The Department of Defense also has significant labeling requirements for all shipments to the military that differ from commercial items. If someone is unfamiliar with military standard for labeling it can be a frustrating and rigorous exercise. You can rely on our dedicated team and our 40 years of MIL-SPEC experience and creative cost-saving solutions to make sure your packages are properly labeled and in the correct format.

Part of the benefit of working with MAC Packaging. is that we offer a variety of services to help you accomplish anything your government contract calls for. We can help you at the beginning of the process, with a free confidential assessment of your mil-std-2073 needs. We will help you determine the costs associated with packaging, packing and labeling, as well as the potential for additional costs in the areas of inspection and documentation.

Once a contract has been issued, we will review it, at no cost to you, to make sure that all the terms and conditions stipulated in the solicitation have been included in the issued contract. Upon issuance of a purchase order to MAC packaging we can then begin to acquire all necessary materials to prepare for completion of our packaging, packing and labeling services in a timely fashion. Advance notification helps guarantee turn time and keeps your delivery to the U.S. Government on time.

We then can help you with all the standardized documents and paperwork associated with billing the government for you via the Wide Area Work Flow (WAWF/IRAPT) document, the required electronic interface for the U.S. government. This service helps assure delivery acceptance and timely payments of your invoices. We provide this service at no additional cost with advance notice.

In addition to clients utilizing our full services, we also offer consulting services for our mil std customers. A large portion of our consulting work involves working with government contracts. Many times, clients have called me for information on packaging or shipping a product to the government and how to accomplish this. Because it can be a complicated process, I explain what procedures or services I think they need and what the time frame and cost for our services will be.

I’ve found over the past 40 years that one of the biggest areas we can help our clients with is explaining costs and expenses that they are unaware of. Part of our consulting work is to evaluate and analyze all the costs and what is needed to ensure a profitable contract. Through the years, my work as a consultant and with our regular customers has turned into many long-lasting business partnerships, where our clients utilize our global shipping networks for their company‚Äôs needs.

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