Mark Ryan 3:16 PM (28 minutes ago) to me

Oh, the joys of moving. The end result is wonderful, but the execution can be stressful.

We all move at some point in our lives — some of us multiple times in shorter time spans (that’s tough). Right now, it’s peak moving season across the country, which made us realize: shipping products to the military is a lot like moving. You have to set yourself up for success with the right packaging and shipping materials.

When you move, or in our case, ship items to the military, sturdy containers are necessary to get the product to its final destination without any damage. Depending on what’s being shipped, and the packing level required by the military, MAC Packaging can help you find the perfect solution to protect your profit margins.

Efficiency is Everything

Don’t underestimate the power of the right container; it’s the difference between making or losing money. Depending on the contract, military shipping containers can include:

  • Fiberboard box
  • Wooden crate
  • Steel drum
  • Reusable container

MAC Packaging is here for you from start to finish. We’ve been the industry leader in Military Specification Packaging (MIL-SPEC) for over 40 years. At not cost to you, we’ll review, identify and quote the correct military shipping container for your contract. We like to engage with our customers from step one — when responding to a quote from the military. Check out our four-step process below, and get a free quote today!

Solicitation Stage

  • Review the solicitation and quote
  • Determine packaging, packing and labeling costs
  • Check for inspection, shipping and documentation costs

Review the Contract

  • Review contract for free
  • Verify the terms and conditions match the solicitation

Packaging & Labeling Services

  • Acquire necessary materials
  • Pack and label in a timely manner
  • Deliver shipment promptly

IRAPT/WAWF Paperwork

  • Complete necessary paperwork at no additional cost (advance notice needed)
  • Assure delivery acceptance and timely payments of invoices
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