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Making a Mark with MIL-STD-130

Identifying Each Asset

Military Standard 130 (MIL-STD-130) is the Department of Defense’s approved marking for U.S. military property. The labels associated with MIL-STD-130 are typically Unique Identification (UID) or Item Unique Identification (IUID), which contain a combination of human and machine readable information. MIL-STD-130 labels must be readable for the life of the asset, especially if the product is tracked and stored long term. Contractors must know the various environments the equipment/parts will be exposed to during its lifecycle in order to pick the appropriate material for the label. Preservation is key.

MIL-STD-129,130: Whats the Difference

It’s no coincidence MIL-STD-129 and MIL-STD-130 are sequential; they work together. Without MIL-STD-129, contractors would have trouble getting their deliveries out in time, and getting paid for them. This military spec is shipment specific, meaning it establishes the standard for Military Shipping Labels (MSL) and works with other MIL-STD-129 compliant labels — like RFID tags — to identify where the product is going. MIL-STD-130 is asset specific. Once the shipment arrives, the military needs to be able to track the product inside the shipping containers through the distribution process.

Working Together
Shipping a product to the military isn’t easy. Contractors must meet various labeling and packaging specifications, and the work doesn’t end there. There are administrative, billing and payment requirements to complete the job. We want to make sure you get paid. For the past 40 years, MAC Packaging has been perfecting military specification packaging and labeling. Our knowledge and relationships can help you save time and money. Below are the labels we provide:

Unit labels
• UID/IUID labels
• DLR labels
• Exterior container labels
• Military Shipping Labels (MSL)
• ESD labels
• RFID tags
• Barcode shipping labels

Contact us for a free consultation on any of your MIL-STD-130 needs. Our team’s knowledge and relationships can save you valuable time, money and expenses. When requested, we offer assistance in the bidding process to ensure clients know all the costs associated with the contract.


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