The Importance of MIL-STD-129

Military Standard 129 (MIL-STD-129) is the military marking for shipment and storage approved and used by the Department of Defense. Military shipping labels are like a shipment’s fingerprint; they can identify various aspects of the cargo. Depending on the shipment, and where it’s going, a contractor may have to fulfill various labeling requirements.

Common Label Requirements:

• 2D (PDF417) bar code
• Linear (Code 39) bar code
• NSN/NATO stock number
• CAGE code
• PN or P/N (part number)
• Item description
• Quantity and UI
• Contract number or purchase order number
• Four digit delivery order or call number
• Modification for change order number
• Military preservation method and date of unit preservation
• Shelf life
• Serial number
• Hazmat markings


Accuracy Matters

The military is constantly receiving large shipments of supplies and equipment from various contractors around the world. MIL-STD-129 requirements help the DoD track those items through the distribution process efficiently and accurately.

One of the most important logistical elements to consider before labeling a shipment is how long the supplies/equipment must be stored. If the shipment is not properly labeled, it can be stopped midway and identified as “frustrated freight.” The shipment would need further inspection and labeling corrections before resuming its journey — a costly oversight.

We’re Here to Help

The military is thorough, and so are we. For the past 40 years, we’ve specialized in military specification packaging (MIL-SPEC) and have supported more than 250 clients with their packaging needs. Don’t risk getting it wrong, especially if this is your first government contract. We’ll make sure your checklist is accurate.

MAC Packaging can properly affix MSL’s, bar code labels, stencils, and RFID tags on your shipment. We often support clients with administrative requirements, including communicating with contract offers, facilitating inspections and maintaining accurate data in the government’s WAWF and VSM electronic systems. Our decades of experience allows us to provide creative, cost-effective solutions to our clients. Schedule a free review to learn more about our services.

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